Acquiring Quality Users

Media Buying

Our integration with top DSPs and SDK partners allowing us to reach extensive high-quality users and help you to achieve your growth goal. By having machine learning algorithms, we're able to provide technical support to deliver satisfied performance.

Acquiring Quality Users

Pay Only for Performance

At Cross Networks, we're on the mission to bring value-driven business practices to mobile advertising, starting with user acquisition. We aim to protect our clients advertising budget by optimizing our efforts to benefit their bottom line.

Acquiring Quality Users

Valuable User Segments

Cross Networks is one of the most mature, far-reaching programmatic solutions available to global App publishers. Whether you’re in charge of growing a subscription app, mobile game, or shopping property, we’ve got the audience insights you need to fuel profitable growth.

App Retargeting

Boost user lifetime value

By accessing to a diverse publisher network, we can place the right ads to the right audience to bring inactive users back or prevent lapsed users. According to the industry insight, returned users are more likely to keep utilising the App and engaging with in-app activity.

App Retargeting

Drive your Revenue with App Retargeting

We help the world high-paying advertisers increase retention rate, regain churn users and make revenue growth. App publishers in shopping, entertainment, finance rely on us to deliver tailored strategies, ideas and algorithms.

App Retargeting

Maximum ROI

Lower cost with higher payback with re-engaged users to help App publishers to evaluate the Ad spending, uplifting the performance and achieve their marketing goal.

Our Features

Flexible Pricing Models

Cost per Install (CPI)

Cost per Registration (CPR)

Cost per Event (CPE)

Cost per Action (CPA)

Cost per FTD (First Time Deposit)

Cost per Subscription

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